How Your Paintball Day Unfolds.

As your squad reaches Maple Ridge Paintball, excitement fills the air for an exhilarating day of paintball thrills. Wondering what lies ahead? Here’s a breakdown of what awaits you upon arrival:

Choose between two available sessions: one in the morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or another in the afternoon from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Make your reservation and indicate your preferred session. Upon reaching the venue, go through the check-in process, suit up in paintball gear, receive a brief tutorial on handling your paintball gun, and then plunge into the excitement of gleefully firing paintballs at fellow players.

Opportunities and Registration

Upon exiting your vehicle, head towards the entrance. You may be guided to join a line, where a welcoming staff member at a table filled with goodies offers advice to those interested in enhancing their sessions. As you navigate through the registration area, you’ll come across delightful items and useful information. Have you already filled out the online registration form for your group? If so, that’s a wise decision. You won’t need to wait for an available spot at the table; just move on to the next stage of your session by providing your name to the awaiting marshal.

100% Safety Record

Equipment Issue and Base Camp

Upon entering our base camp, you’ll be equipped with all the necessary combat gear for the day. Everything you see in the image below, excluding the paintball gun, is included in the admission fee and is at your disposal throughout the day.

While the choice of how much gear to wear is yours, wearing a paintball mask is mandatory. The majority of this gear is exclusive to Toronto Paintball, meticulously developed by us over the years to be top-notch in the industry. Now, find a comfortable spot in the base camp to settle in and prepare for the game. The sturdy fencing ensures that your designated area remains secure and free from stray shots throughout the day. You don’t need to put on the mask just yet. Snacks, beverages, and additional paintballs and upgrade packages are available for purchase.

Safety Briefing & Team Organisation

In brief, paintballing activities commence only after the marshals ensure that all participants have paid heed to the essential safety briefing. This briefing encompasses vital safety protocols, instructions on how to respond when hit, and the procedure for seeking assistance from a marshal. Learning the correct handling of your paintball gun is a key component, underscoring the importance of attentive listening. Furthermore, teams are organized from the assembled groups of players.

Paintball Gun Issue

Armed with the essential information, now it’s time to put on your mask, head to the gun locker, and retrieve your weapon. Once you’re out in the field, your paintball gun becomes your trusted ally, so be sure to handle it with care. Originally designed for marking trees in the forestry industry, these are referred to as markers by the marshals, which is their accurate terminology.

Eager to give it a try before the actual action begins? Right after receiving your marker, you’ll discover a practice target range where you can take a few shots to fine-tune your aim. As your confidence grows, let’s plunge into the exciting world of paintball.

Let the Paintball Games Begin

Your team will be joined by one or more of our highly skilled marshals, and you’ll truly value their presence! These individuals are outstanding. In contrast to many marshals from our competitors who may appear disinterested and detached during a paintball match, our marshals are genuinely passionate about their roles. They’ll lead you to the paintball game zone, featuring layouts and structures designed with movie-quality precision for the ultimate paintball experience. Additionally, they’ll provide an enthusiastic overview of the upcoming game.

If you think they’ll leave you to face the opponents alone, think again. Your marshals will dive into the battle alongside you, even though they won’t be firing shots—that responsibility falls on you.


The marshals fulfill a multifaceted role as a combination of a field commander, equipment maintenance medic, observer, and referee. They closely monitor younger players to ensure they are enjoying themselves and participating safely. By providing guidance and tips on achieving game objectives, they enhance confidence and inspire all players under their supervision.

In no time, your initial game concludes, unveiling whether you embody the spirit of Rambo, relentlessly firing ammunition at opponents, or if you adopt a stealthier approach as a silent assassin. Will you lead your team to triumph? Or will you embrace your role as a valuable soldier by dutifully following your leader’s commands? Whichever persona you assume while wielding a weapon and facing enemy fire, you will soon discover.

Accolades, Presentations & Heading For Home

As the day winds down, a touch of melancholy settles in, and you gather with your group, exchanging lively tales of the day’s adventures. However, the marshals have one final task—it’s time for the presentation. They calculate the day’s scores and nominate recipients for the Top Gun Awards. The victorious team is unveiled, and those who distinguished themselves in the heat of battle receive acknowledgment for their bravery or exceptional contributions.

After returning your gear and bidding farewell to the dedicated marshals, it’s time to make your way back to the car. But don’t expect a quiet journey! Excitement permeates the air as everyone shares stories of their heroic feats and accomplishments during the missions. Another unforgettable day at Toronto Paintball concludes, leaving behind promises from everyone in the car to return—many of whom undoubtedly will.