Delta Force Paintball in Maple Ridge Canada.

About Delta Force Paintball

Over the past 25 years, Delta Force Paintball has revolutionized the sport of paintball worldwide. There is no doubt we know what we are doing with Delta Force Paintball in Maple Ridge being one of more than 40, state of the art Delta Force Paintball centres, spanning Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

Over 5 million players have already experienced the Delta Force difference. We have successfully added a new level of professionalism to the paintball industry and are proud to be the benchmark that customers now expect from their paintball experience. From our 5 star facilities and our custom-made themed game zones, to our refreshing customer service standards, impeccable safety and paintball equipment standards; you haven’t experienced paintball until you have played at Delta Force.

The safety of our patrons is our number one priority and we are committed to maintaining our 100% safety record. Be assured in the knowledge that we have fully trained marshals on hand to enforce our solid safety policies while ensuring everyone has a fun and positive experience.

Group bookings are our specialty and we cater for a variety of special occasions. Make your party the day that your friends talk about for the next 15 years. Whether it be stag/ hens days; birthday parties from 10 years to 90 years; take the opportunity to shoot your boss at a corporate team building day; church and youth groups; sporting team bonding. You name it, we can provide the day to end all days. Take the stress away and let Delta Force do all the organising for you.

Our game zones are one of many features that sets Delta Force head and shoulders above the rest. Armed with significant budget, our creative build teams construct movie set-quality scenarios to provide our players with the best paintball experience bar none. At Delta Force Maple Ridge you will enjoy a vast array of tantalising game zones including the following:

  • Tropic Thunder- a recreation of a Viet Cong village
  • Resident Evil- claim the crypt in an all out zombie versus human face off for the ages
  • Speedball- everyone’s favorite and definitely not for the faint of heart or weak of mind
  • Prison Break- all the planning has been done and months of tunnelling completed. The moment has arrived…time to make your escape from Shawshank
  • D Day Landing- take yourself back to June 6, 1944 and Operation Neptune is in full effect. It’s time to claim Normandy

You may have played before but you have not truly experienced paintball until you have played The Delta Force Way.

We have five different locations across the country, to keep even the most adventurous paintball warrior satisfied:

A Day at Maple Ridge Paintball