Round ’em up.

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Are you aiming to organize an unforgettable paintball event and need help coordinating with your friends? Let us help you streamline the process by providing downloadable invitations, making sure everyone is on the same page for the main event. Simply print, fill out, and send these invitations to your chosen group—it’s as simple as that. With various options currently accessible and more on the horizon, you’ll have a range of choices to meet your requirements.


To enhance your and your team’s experience on game day at Maple Ridge Paintball, make sure to connect with our excellent event coordinators. They will furnish you with the online registration link, which you can distribute to both parents and players prior to your visit. It is recommended to distribute these forms to your group a week before the game day, ensuring they are completed and brought along for a swift registration process, allowing more time for paintball action.


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Still have questions?, No worries! Our fantastic event coordinators are available to call on 1800 568 8909 to help with anything you need. You can also chat with us online if you want to make a booking or have any questions answered.

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