Giving back.

At Delta Force we are firm believers in giving back to the community. Under our tough paintball-splattered exterior there is a heart of gold.

There are numerous charities and fundraising initiatives that we contribute to each year. We are always looking for additional causes to help throughout the world.

One of our proudest achievements is building a school in Malawi which we are honored to be named after us (“The Delta Palms School”).

Paintball Fundraising

If you are looking for assistance or fundraising ideas for your charity or cause feel free to contact us. We provide paintball packages for ten people (RRP $99.95) that can be auctioned, raffled, given as a prize or given to well-deserving volunteers. Please make your request in writing and we will review your application. We will send you the paintball packages directly. It’s as easy as that.

Delta Force looks forward to helping out Canadians in need.

A Day at Maple Ridge Paintball