About our 100% Safety Record!

To be frank, the subpar quality of certain paintball providers in recent years has prompted numerous prospective players to inquire about the safety of paintball. Your safety hinges on three crucial factors: the use of proper safety equipment, adherence to paintball centre policies, and the training provided to staff. A reputable paintball game provider, such as Delta Force, guarantees that the paintball experience is entirely secure.

  1. Safety Equipment:
  • At Maple Ridge, each player is equipped with a certified head mask, offering complete 360-degree coverage. The mask features cutting-edge anti-fog lens technology and provides protection for the head, ears, temples, and crown, ensuring the prevention of any painful head shots.
  • Our comprehensive chest protection includes 1 cm of foam covering the front and back without compromising your range of motion.
  • We take hygiene seriously by fully laundering our coveralls after every use, a practice that might seem like common sense but is worth emphasizing. Padded collars on all our coveralls add an extra layer of protection for the neck region.
  • For paintball markers, we employ state-of-the-art semi-automatic devices that undergo thorough servicing and cleaning after each use. To keep our equipment current, we regularly rotate markers, with older ones being sold to other paintball providers.
100% Safety Record
  1. Safety Policy:
  • At Maple Ridge Paintball, scoring head shots is not considered valid, discouraging players from targeting the head region.
  • Goggles are a must: Except in designated “safe zones,” players are required to wear their goggles at all times—no exceptions. Marshals are present to ensure strict adherence to this crucial rule.
  • Safety briefing: Upon the arrival of all players, a thorough safety presentation is conducted, covering the proper use of paintball markers, game rules, and all aspects of our safety policy.
  1. Staff Training:
  • Our staff members receive comprehensive safety training, ensuring your safety is our top priority.
  • In every game zone, a minimum of two marshals will be present to offer assistance, strategic guidance, and, most importantly, to rigorously enforce the safety policy.
  • First aid qualifications have been completed by all Center Managers and senior staff members.

We at Maple Ridge Paintball take pride in maintaining a flawless 100% safety record and is committed to going to great lengths to uphold this standard. Our safety policy, crafted over years of operation, reflects our dedication to responsibility, evident in our substantial investments in safety training and equipment.

How safe is paintball? With Delta Force, you are 100% safe.

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