A paint ball day with Delta Force.

Rambo 2 GunshipWith Delta Force Paintball, you are in for one hell of a ride. Our adrenaline filled day will have you on the edge of your seat and leave you begging for more.

On arrival you will be registered and issued with your combat kit. This includes all the equipment to get the most out of your day and keep you safe. Full head protection custom made for Delta Force; camouflage coveralls with built in neck protection; double sided body armour and a tactical belt with a capacity to hold 400 paintballs.

Once we have you kitted up and ready for war, we take all players through a fun and informative safety presentation. Here you will learn how to operate your paintball marker, rules to be followed and some handy strategy tips to give you a head start in the field.

Now things start to get real as you and your comrades are escorted to the gun zone and issued with your paintball marker. A few rounds for practice at the target range will get your eye in and show you how straight Delta Force markers shoot.

You’ve prepared both physically and mentally for this moment and it is time to shine. Our fully trained marshals take you through a series of scenarios on our amazing game zones. This is the heart and sole of the Delta Force difference and will have you raving to your friends for years to come. Why hide behind tyres and hay barrels when you can weave in and out of a 30 ft stone pyramid guarded by four sphinxes. Get up inside the bus and shoot out the windows at your opponents in Prison Break. Rescue your fallen POW in Tropic Thunder. The range and diversity of scenarios we provide on our five star game zones is second to none.

There will be time in the middle for lunch in the base camp which is a great opportunity to refuel and discuss strategy and tactics. Trade war stories and formulate a plan to take down all comers. There is a kiosk in base camp with light snacks and refreshments or bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the surroundings.

After lunch the games just get better and better with everyone having already had a chance to practice some strategy and work as a unit. Whether it is for your brother’s stag night or a corporate team bonding session, we have you covered.

A day at Delta Force Paintball will be talked about for years to come and have you planning the next visit before you even leave.

A Day at Maple Ridge Paintball