Arrive ready. What to bring to paintball.

Don’t get caught short. You want to be armed and ready to rock ‘n’ roll when the big day arrives. Follow these friendly suggestions to help dominate the action on the pitch.

Your Fashion Statement

When it comes to clothing, the only black and white rule is that your footwear needs to be enclosed. We will provide all other safety articles and coveralls to protect the clothes you wear. Some like to exhibit their extroverted personality with a Caribou onesie or pink tutu. Others like to take a conservative approach. Either way we suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothing. A change of clothes is also a good idea for the drive home.

Paintball Gear

Protecting Your Feet

Our game zones are set in natural bush land so we do insist that you wear covered footwear when playing paintball. You will come across natural obstacles such as twigs and rocks throughout your day so a pair of light boots or old running shoe are recommended.

Fueling Up

Our Base Camp provides the perfect setting for a well-earned refreshment. There are picnic tables where you can enjoy a packed lunch or you can pre-order a pizza on arrival or at time of booking. Snacks and cold beverages are also available at our kiosk. It is important to keep your energy and fluid levels high through the day so be prepared.

Give yourself a Hand

The most exposed part of your body while playing paintball is your hands. Pointing your gun around the corner to engage the enemy or undertaking the necessary reloading. Although not dangerous, a stray paintball to a clenched hand is not overly comfortable. For a minimal fee you can purchase some protective gloves or by all means bring your own.

Extra Thoughts

There is nothing worse that seeing someone churn through all his or her paintballs in the morning and then miss out on the epic afternoon sessions. We get asked all the time, how many paintballs will I use? It is a very difficult questions to answer because of the individual nature of shooting paintballs. Some people will go through two hundred and some will go through two thousand. It is a personal decision for each player. To avoid disappointment take into consideration when budgeting for your day and bring some extra pocket money for a top up. We have amazing upgrade packs that provide great value so be sure to ask our friendly team members on arrival or our event coordinators at time of booking.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to firearm laws, all Delta Force Paintball centres are strictly drug and alcohol free zones. No illicit drugs or any alcohol whatsoever may be brought to our centres at any time. Persons found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to enter by law. No paintball markers (guns) are stored on site.

A Day at Maple Ridge Paintball