Full Length Protection.

Paintball Armoury

At Delta Force you are protected from head to toe. All players are provided with a full-length paintball camouflage combat suit. Some choose to highlight themselves like a neon sign in pink morph suits however that is a personal choice. All jokes aside, your combat suit provides you with some essential benefits that you won’t find in any old paintball attire. Most importantly the padded collar extends up under the Full Head Protection Goggles to eliminate exposure of the head and neck. If you have ever been hit with a paintball in the neck, you will appreciate this Delta Force difference.

Full-length legs and sleeves ensure that you don’t have to worry about small branches or rocks in the heat of battle. You can focus your full attention on the objective you are faced with.

And Delta Force combat suits are professionally laundered after each use so there is no need to worry about who was issued yours the day before.

Delta Force Paintball camouflage combat suits will have you living out your combative dreams without a care in the world.