Full Face Paintball Masks.

As an industry leader, Delta Force quickly realised that there was a serious lack of head protection standards across paintball operators. That didn’t sit well with us so with a large, well-spent investment we set about researching and designing our own unique Full Head Protection Goggle Systems. The combination of 360-degree head protection along with anti-fog lenses and ventilation provides our players with the optimal amount of support and comfort to unleash their inner Rambo out in the game zones.

At the end of the day that is what its all about- maximum fun and 100% safe. As an extra layer of defence our camouflage coveralls have specially designed padded collars that work in tandem with the Full Head Protection Goggles to keep out any unwanted stray paintballs.

At Delta Force be assured that you will be provided the most technologically advanced Full Head Protection Goggles. It is the most important article of paintball equipment and we don’t cut any corners when it comes to head protection. It is surprising that other paintball operators have not followed in our footsteps and continue to use half-face masks with no protection provided to the top or back of the head.

FAQs on goggles:

Q: Why doesn’t every paintball operator use these goggles?

A: They cost four times as much as the old-fashioned goggles; many small operators simply cannot afford to make the investment.

Q: Why are full head goggle systems particularly important for young players?

A: The goggles have a ‘top’ to them, meaning that the goggles cannot possibly ‘slip-down’ (with an inferior goggle system this is always a remote possibility amongst persons with smaller ‘hat’ sizes). The chinstrap equally prevents the goggles from being lifted accidentally.

Q: Aren’t full head goggle systems going to make me hot?

A: The ‘helmets’ are made of hard plastic plates – each plate is fully articulated and equipped with the maximum possible number of ventilation ports. The goggles are no ‘hotter’ in use than the old-fashioned versions.

Q: Do they steam-up?

A: The goggles are exceptionally well ventilated and factory-equipped with proprietary ‘anti-fog’ lenses. The goggles seldom ‘steam-up’ and if they do we have a de-mist solution available (free of charge) in the base camp.