Paintball Armour. Play with confidence!

Paintball Armour

The number one question we get asked at Delta Force is does paintball hurt? We want our players to have a fun, pain-free day and gagging to get back for a rematch. So to alleviate this concern we provide everyone with a custom- designed, double-sided body paintball armour that will have you feeling the confidence of Superman.

With the epic adventure we are going to take you on there is no need to have any concerns about throwing yourself into each and every scenario.

This unique and highly functional body armour was designed and manufactured exclusively for Delta Force Paintball.

It is comprised of multiple rigid plastic plates contained within a flexible skin. The protective plates and flexible skin are completely ventilated for maximum comfort and agility.

At Delta Force our state of the art equipment ensures that paintball is an all-inclusive sport with everyone having the confidence to get involved.

You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll achieve on the paintball field when wearing all of our protective equipment.