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Maple Ridge Paintball

Paintball Fields

Paintball fields Maple Ridge, Vancouver.

Delta Force Maple Ridge has raised the bar for paintball in British Columbia. Players can now enjoy an action-packed day of paintball while enjoying the professionalism and high standards the community has come to expect of Delta Force.

Just 50 minutes from central Vancouver and you will be in awe of the view you are confronted with. You are about to experience a multitude of high-energy and specifically designed paintball game zones for an experience that will be talked about for years to come.

Of course we have included the crowd favorite Speedball and have also several other thrilling fields. Tropic Thunder will see you set a challenging prisoner of war rescue in our very own Viet Cong village. Prison Break will have you dodging and weaving through our prison bus. Resident Evil is an all-out zombie verse humans extravaganza with crypts and headstones providing much needed cover for you to achieve your team objective.

Check out more detailed game zone descriptions below to give you the inside line before you get out there and experience it for yourself.

Experience the difference Delta Force has built its reputation on for yourself at Delta Force Maple Ridge.

Base Camp Need somewhere to store your ammo? Need somewhere to celebrate victories, and talk strategy? Need somewhere to eat, chat and laugh? Base Camp is what you need.

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No one gets left behind! Strategy, teamwork, cover fire, leaders are all needed to come out on top in Prison Break. Your friend has been wrongly implicated in a drug ring and wound up in a maximum-security prison. En route to the gas chamber it is your chance to let justice prevail and get the…

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The Invasion is on! COMING SOON – Operation Neptune is on, June 6, 1944. D-Day. Your landing barge pulls up to the beach at Normandy after months of planning. The aerial bombardment has done their job overnight and now you are a part of the largest seaborne landing in history. This is a pivotal point…

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Enter the prison war camp if you dare. Your agent didn’t tell you all the details of this gig. It is a great opportunity for your acting career to star in this Vietnam War movie but there is just one catch. You and your Hollywood colleagues have been dropped in a real war to fend…

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This grave yard is haunted! This mission will be the highlight of your long archaeology career. There have long been myths and theories about a hidden crypt containing ancient artefacts that have not seen the light of day for centuries. Did I forget to mention that legend has it that these artefacts are protected by…

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Last man standing! It wouldn’t be a trip to Delta Force Paintball without an action-packed round of Speedball. It is everyone’s favorite paintball game for a reason and it is not for the faint of heart. Your mission is total eradication of the enemy so make sure you have plenty of ammunition for this one….

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