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Maple Ridge Paintball

Average Joes Playing Paintball


Just your average joe playing paintball.

At Delta Force Paintball we cater for a wide variety of players. It’s not all former Navy Seals dominating every game. The majority of players we entertain are good old Average Joes. You can be from all walks of life and enjoy the thrill of paintball with Delta Force.

Paintball has never been more accessible to a wide range of Canadians with parents, children, grandparents, students and young bucks all throwing themselves into it. Players come in all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness and are able to fully participate and contribute to their team’s goals.

Delta Force Maple Ridge is an easy drive from Vancouver so feel free to bring all your family and friends to enjoy the best paintball experience known to man. All players will provided with state of the art safety equipment and be escorted by fully trained marshals. Full head goggle protection, whole body combat suits with neck padding and double-sided body armor allows everyone to play with confidence.


As an Average Joe, we are not expecting you to have any knowledge or experience when it comes to paintball. Once you have registered on arrival, our friendly game day staff will take you through the process step by step. From how to use your gun, to safety rules and some strategy tips thrown in for good measure. Each team will be assigned a professional marshal who will escort you through your entire action-packed day. They will make sure everyone knows what they are doing, is kept safe and having an epic time. As you will see, these guys love their job and there enthusiasm is contagious. They will have your inner soldier busting out in no time.

At Delta Force we love catering to the Average Joes. We get to see your amazing transformation through the day to a confident military tactician and leader first hand. You don’t need any previous experience and we will be there every step of the way.

So don’t feel left out, book in and experience the best paintball Vancouver has to offer.