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Team Cohesion.

There are any number of ways that an exciting day of paintball can be an effective business strategy for your company: Team bonding days, incentive rewards or just a well earned thank-you for all the hard work and effort put in. Well-appreciated staff are the most productive staff so let us take care of your next company day out and show them a great time. Delta Force will look after all the finer details and customise the day to achieve your company’s specific goals and objectives.

Delta Force Paintball center in Vancouver is the perfect setting for your next corporate day out. We have state of the art equipment and movie set quality game zones making any number of scenarios a reality. Align your company with an industry leader and set the bar for your staff as high as we expect. With our more than 25 years of experience and a 100% safety record, you and your valuable staff is in the safest of hands. Full head and neck protection, double-sided body armour and fully trained marshals gives you the confidence you need that everyone will be coming back to the office unscathed and smiling from ear to ear.



We will take your team on an action-packed day they will be talking about for years to come. The benefits you will see back in the office will be long lasting with everyone on the same page and feeling the company love. You will notice an increase in morale, improved communication skills, strategy planning and implementation and an overall positive work environment.

Finding ways to continually motivate can be difficult and in the busy environment we live in, often pushed into the too hard basket. Paintball is a solution that ticks all the boxes.

Imagine your team takes cover and is about to launch their well thought through strategy. Awaiting the signal to go, they are relying on each other if their mission will be successful. Three ancient artefacts are guarded by a resident evil in a hidden crypt deep in the jungle. Scattered tombstones provide slight cover but they will need to work as a team to get though this one. Team Gamma flanks left and simultaneously Team Beta flanks right. The distracting cover fire provides Team Alpha the opportunity they need to progress and infiltrate the crypt. Who will rise to the occasion? Who will be the hero? Will the ancient artefacts end up in the museum where they belong?

There are many lessons to be learned from a scenario like the above example. You will see natural leaders rise, teamwork nurtured and bonds formed as your staff come together in search of a common goal.

No matter what you want to achieve from your next corporate day out, Delta Force is the professional choice for your business. Contact our friendly event coordinators now to organise your next corporate day out.

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