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Hen Parties


Paintball hen parties?

If you think that paintball is just for boys then you would be grossly misinformed. More and more ladies are enjoying the fun and friendship involved in a day of paintball. Sure there are plenty of Hen Parties that take a more conservative high tea approach. But why not take a walk on the wild side and organize a refreshing event that will be unique and memorable.

I know what you’re thinking: there is no way she is going to want to get married in that beautiful backless wedding dress with bruises all over her. And you would be right. That is why Delta Force custom made double sided body armor has you covered (quite literally). Along with full length combat outfit with in-built neck protection and full head protection, your day will be filled with fun and laughter and as safe as a bank. We have over a quarter of a century worth of industry experience and our 100% safety record is one that we are proud of. Your nearest and dearest are in safe hands when they enjoy the exhilaration Delta Force provides. The girls will create long lasting memories and get to the wedding unscathed and radiating. Can you imagine the looks on the boys’ face when they realize you had more fun than they had at the stag party?


We have entertained hundreds of thousands of ladies worldwide who have loved getting outside and experiencing the movie-set quality game zones on offer at Delta Force. The safety equipment we provide gives you the confidence to get out there and show them what you’re made of.

Obviously a few quiet cocktails would be in order afterwards so a short 30 minute drive back to Vancouver has us ideally located. Reminisce about the time you were cornered in the Prison Break bus but managed to escape while you sip on a Cosmopolitan. Laugh and take selfies while the losing team is forced to do shots.

Create long lasting memories on a unique Hens Day with Delta Force Paintball.

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