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It’s Hunting Season!

The honor and pride of being asked is quickly replaced when the role of the Best Man hits you. The two most important aspects of this wedding are your responsibility and you have no idea where to start: the Best Man speech and of course the Stag Day

At Delta Force we have got you covered so why not kill two birds with one stone. Let us take care of the best damn stag party ever experienced and create stories and memories that will have that speech write itself.

Gather the groom’s closest friends and family and give them the opportunity they have always dreamed about. Sure you will be enjoying a beverage or two later that evening but get this group of men bonded over the common goal of peppering the stag with paintballs. There will be no awkward wedding small talk with your new Uncle-in-law after you have spent a day strategising and executing throughout Delta Force’s awesome movie-set styled game zones.

Stag Parties at Delta Force Paintball


Let’s not make it too easy on him with a special pink tutu or jungle animal onesie lined up for him. You could have a quiet chat with one of our friendly staff about having him where a vest with a target on it to take his day to the next level. Or take a more conservative approach and make use of the combat equipment Delta Force provides all players on arrival. Whatever you decide, let us show him the best last day of freedom a man could ever dream of. You are guaranteed a day of fun, laughter and war stories that won’t need exaggerating when they are retold for years to come. We specialise in customised game days for stag parties with scenarios designed to target that special someone. They will be the subject in a presidential assassination attempt; be a captured prisoner of war in a Viet Cong village; bust them out of the prison bus in Prison Break. They will leave under no uncertain terms that this is the greatest day ever and that they have the best Best Man.

Let Delta Force Paintball be the ideal start to your perfect stag day. Located just 30 minutes from Vancouver will have you back in the city with beer in hand in no time. Trade war stories and continue celebrating such a pivotal part of every man’s life.

Have the stag firmly in your sights at Delta Force Paintball.

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