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Learning to work as a team.

There is no doubt that we live in a technologically rich environment. New games on consoles and phones come out daily as our young adults are bombarded with reasons to stay inside and sitting on the couch. Motivating kids and young adults to get outdoors and undertake some physical activity can be a daunting task at times. Paintball successfully marries this much-needed physical and mental stimulation that their developing bodies are craving.

At Delta Force Paintball Youth and School Groups are entertained to not only show them a great time but also to instil life lessons like team work, bonding, strategy, leadership all in a structured framework and supervised by our professional marshals.

Not only that but it is safe too. Delta Force is an industry leader in safety standards both in equipment, staff and policy. In over 25 years experience we have 100% safety record and are fully committed to maintaining this reputation. All players are issued with full head and neck protection, combat coveralls and double-sided body armour which is flexible and lightweight. A thorough safety briefing is attended by all players explaining all rules, procedures and giving in depth instruction on using the paintball marker safely. Our friendly marshals will be ever present and are assigned to each group who will referee each game, enforce safety rules and provide some handy tips and strategy if required.


Our epic day of paintball will have everyone involved and active in the scenarios. Whether it be taking the lead sniper position as the prisoner is busted out of the bus in Prison Break. Or stepping off the barge and charging up the beaches of Normandy in D-Day Landing. The friendships and bonds formed on our fields and memories created will last a lifetime.

So whether it be for a youth group, school excursion or church leadership group, Delta Force is the professional choice of paintball provider.

Please note: All players under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult. Delta Force Paintball has set its minimum playing age to be 8 years old.

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