Learning to work as a team.

Absolutely, our world is steeped in technological advancements. Each day, fresh games hit consoles and phones, tempting our youth to stay indoors, glued to the couch. Encouraging youngsters to embrace the outdoors and engage in physical activities can pose a challenge. Yet, paintball brilliantly bridges this gap, providing the crucial physical and mental stimulation that their growing bodies yearn for.

Maple Ridge Paintball not only entertains youth and school groups but also imparts valuable life lessons like teamwork, bonding, strategy, and leadership within a structured framework, all supervised by our professional marshals.

Safety is paramount. As an industry leader, Delta Force maintains top-notch safety standards in equipment, staff, and policies. With over 25 years of experience, we boast a flawless safety record and remain wholly dedicated to upholding this reputation. Every player is equipped with comprehensive head and neck protection, combat coveralls, and flexible, lightweight double-sided body armor. A thorough safety briefing covers all rules, procedures, and in-depth instructions for using the paintball marker safely. Our approachable marshals oversee each group, serving as referees, enforcing safety regulations, and offering helpful tips and strategies as needed.

Maple Ridge Paintball, the newest addition to the DF lineup in Vancouver, introduces cutting-edge game zones that promise an exhilarating adventure you simply can’t overlook.
Immerse yourself in our thrilling paintball day, where everyone actively participates in engaging scenarios. Take charge as the lead sniper orchestrating the daring prison escape from the bus in Prison Break or experience the adrenaline rush of stepping off the barge and charging up the beaches of Normandy in D-Day Landing. The friendships forged and memories made on our fields are destined to endure a lifetime.


Paintball is a physically demanding sport that necessitates certain physical abilities. While players with disabilities are welcome to play at Delta Force, parents/guardians must be aware of the nature of paintball and the game terrain before making a decision based on each player’s physical abilities.

Assemble your squad for a memorable youth group activity that will leave them eager for more. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of all the arrangements. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

Note: Delta Force Paintball requires players to be a minimum of 10 years old. Players under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Still have questions? Give our booking office a call on 1800 568 8909 to speak with one of our fantastic event coordinators. You can also chat with us online if you want to make a booking or find out more.

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  • Delta Force Paintballing

    • Up to 6 Action packed games
    • A large selection of movie-set quality paintball game zones
    • Full head protection incorporating an anti-mist goggle system
    • Full body protection – body armour – free for all players
    • Full neck protection – combat suit with high padded collar
    • Custom designed special-forces combat suit
    • Latest USA-spec rapid-fire semi-automatic machine guns
    • Hip-mounted 400-shot capacity ammo magazine (to safely carry your paintballs)
    • Tuition and supervision by friendly Delta Force marshalling staff
    • Unlimited Air refills
    • Comprehensive $2 million public liability insurance
    • Safe, friendly and professional service
    Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • Delta Force Paintballing
    Young Gunz 500

    • 500 paintballs
    • Admission for a session
    • Equipment rental for a session
    • Air for a session
    • Armoured Gloves
  • Delta Force Paintballing
    Young Gunz 700

    • 700 paintballs
    • Admission for a session
    • Equipment rental for a session
    • Air for a session
    • Armoured Gloves, Sniper Barrel
  • Delta Force Paintballing
    Young Gunz 900

    • 900 paintballs
    • Admission for a session
    • Equipment rental for a session
    • Air for a session
    • Armoured Gloves, Sniper Barrel, Groin Guard
  • Delta Force Paintballing MORNING SESSION
    • Start time: 10:00
    • End time: 13:00
  • Delta Force Paintballing AFTERNOON SESSION
    • Start time: 13:30
    • End time: 16:30

* To qualify for group upgrade options all players in your group must pre-purchase one of the above packs.
* The above prices are inclusive of the discount.